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I had a pretty terrible experience making my own pizza dough a couple of months ago (we don’t need to go all visual on this; it wasn’t pretty), so I took a shortcut while making this particular pizza by buying premade, whole-wheat dough from Trader Joe’s. But even though it makes things easier by about [...]

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To kick off my weekend of birthday fun (which pretty much just revolved around good food…fine by me!), my friends took me to the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in the Flatiron district. This vegetarian culinary school is all about healthy, seasonal food and every Friday at 6:30 p.m., students cook a three-course meal that’s open [...]

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After demolishing a large plate of caramelized banana French toast at Extra Virgin yesterday, I wanted to keep dinner light. Like I said, I’m trying to include more fish into my diet because it’s just so darn healthy, so I baked some frozen wild salmon, which I picked up at Trader Joe’s, flavored with chimichurri, [...]

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This past weekend was a glorious first weekend of spring, so I kept the time indoors to a minimal. But I wanted to catch you guys up to speed with a fabulous meal my boyfriend made for me last weekend, during that terrible soaker of a storm. For our dinner in, we revisited the empanada [...]

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This weekend’s torrential rain storm could’ve been a total bummer if I hadn’t made use of the time by trying out some recipes percolating on my to-cook list. One of those to-cook items was lettuce wraps. The idea first sparked when I saw an item on the endless possibilities for lettuce wraps in Mark Bittman’s [...]

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Do you like food? Do you like socializing? Do you like socializing that involves food? Well, then you’re probably a good fit for one of New York City’s many underground supper clubs. These get-togethers bring random people to a cook’s apartment for a meal (usually of the three- to five-course variety) and some chit-chat. I [...]