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Remember how I was raving about the West Village straight-from-the-market eatery Westville? Well, I ventured to its east side location last week, where I had the salmon salad. But better than the meal, which was again delicious, was the fact that on that particularly frigid night, the waiters gave us FREE hot apple cider with [...]

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As lazy as I’ve been post-vacation and even though I’m here for just one more day before heading out to Oklahoma for New Year’s, I decided to pick myself up and go to the corner bodega for a couple of vegetables to cook dinner at home, which I feel like I haven’t done in a [...]

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I know I’m a little late on the promise, but here’s the tasty recipe for my friend’s green bean casserole. It was quite a hit! What you need: 6 pearl onions 2 medium sized onions 3 cloves of garlic Olive oil 1 stick of butter 2 lbs of green beans 2 lbs of mushrooms 1 [...]

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As promised, here is the fantastic recipe for jalapeno mac ‘n cheese that my friend used for our Thanksgiving potluck. Unlike the admittedly terrible baked macaroni and cheese dish I had made the week before, this one was cheesy and oozy without being overly heavy. (I think my hand was too heavy with the heavy [...]

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My favorite thing about Thanksgiving isn’t the turkey or the side dishes but the pumpkin pie. So obviously I was going to take charge of it for the Thanksgiving potluck I had with my friends. But to satisfy my friends who weren’t gourd lovers, I decided to make a blueberry pie, too. I wanted to [...]

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You may think a Thanksgiving meal in New York City without your family would mean store-bought everything, or worse, take-out, but this year, I spent my turkey day in my home away from home (NYC) with my second family (my close college friends). And I’ve got to say, we crafted quite the traditional Thanksgiving spread—and [...]