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Whenever I pass by zucchini bread at the farmer’s market, I ponder buying it, but I can’t ever get myself to go through with it. I have this image of chunks (or even worse stringy bits) of vegetables coming up at every chew. I love vegetables and I love bread, but the two together? That’s [...]

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Making Indian food can be intimidating – all those spices, the prep work, the inherent exoticism (I think so, and I’m Indian myself!) But after taking an Indian cooking class at the Chelsea restaurant Bombay Talkie, I realized the hardest part is getting all of the obscure ingredients. After that, it’s really not that different [...]

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A couple of months ago I had the lovely opportunity to have breakfast with Chef Katie Lee Joel at her townhouse in the West Village (gorgeous!). Katie and her team cooked some fabulous dishes, which we noshed on while talking about her new book, The Comfort Table: Everyday Occasions, due out this October. This book goes one step [...]

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I love food and like to think of myself as a foodie, but how did I not know about this magical site?? Tastespotting’s approach to food is that we eat with our eyes. After looking at the photos on their site, you can’t agree more. But it doesn’t just end at pretty pictures. Click on [...]

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Sorry for the lack of recent posts! I was in Aruba for 5 days (it was amazing, by the way) -  foodie pics from that are coming soon! In the meantime, get a load of these absolutely delicious-looking treats from a dessert party my friend went to in Chicago. I’m salivating… Does “homemade” scare you? [...]

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I love muffins but hate the mutantly large ones they sell at coffee shops, street carts and cafes. They’re usually all calories and no taste. But I’ve made these blueberry banana muffins multiple times now and they’re wonderful! Perfect for friends who come over for breakfast, these muffins are super easy to make and are [...]