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Many foods have gotten the solo treatment at restaurants—macaroni, peanut butter, doughnuts—but I imagine if Europeans were going to spin this trend, it’d be like Tartinery, an industrial chic Nolita spot that serves varieties of—you guessed it—tartines (among a few other things). My boyfriend and I had been wanting to try it since moving to [...]

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New York goes through so many foodie phases—cupcakes, Neapolitan pizza, dessert trucks and now coffee. In the last year, gourmet brewers have popped up all over like Stumptown and Blue Bottle, and I was lucky enough to attend a blogger party to check out the newest iteration of the trend—Nespresso’s new boutique bar in SoHo.

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I like to think I’ve heard of most restaurants, but I had never (previously) heard of The Smile. But I kind of loved that it was a surprise to find a warm, candlelit space nestled in a downstairs nook on trendy Bond Street. As the menu revealed, The Smile was an inn in the 1830s, [...]

Vegging Out: Mottsu


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It’s hard to have a go-to restaurant here in New York when there are so many options that you want to try something different every time. But when I lived in the East Village, I was loyal to Akina, a sushi spot that was fresh, knew my order as soon as I walked in and [...]

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When Fashion’s Night Out hit New York City two Fridays ago, I was actually game for some boutique browsing, free canapes and celebrity sightings. But this being New York, where anything free is a mob scene, I got none of that. I snaked through hoards of snap-happy tweens who were waiting for Gwen Stefani outside [...]

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I’m always on the hunt for cool cafes, so I figured I should start documenting my finds in a specific way on the blog. My most recent strolling led me to Epistrophy in my neighborhood of Nolita. It’s actually a wine bar, but it seems to double as a cafe in the afternoon. With the [...]