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I’ve been battling a bit of a summer cold so apologies for the lack of posts. Now that I’m almost back to normal, I finally get the chance to share a really amazing meal I had recently at A Voce. I just so happened to be invited to an event on behalf of the Pepsi [...]

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I like to call certain restaurants birthday dinner restaurants — places with a beautiful setting, big space and more often than not, somewhat sub-par best food. With space being such a commodity in the city, many people are willing to sacrifice taste for a nice ambiance. Antique Garage is one of those restaurants for me. [...]

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Even though I grew up 20 minutes outside of Philly, I always gravitated more towards New York City than the city of Brotherly Love while growing up. But with friends and family now living there, I find myself there more and more – and liking it. It’s much more chill than New York City with [...]

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I went to Public on possibly the coldest day of this past winter, so it was only fitting that I went back for what felt like the hottest day of the summer this past weekend. This time we got to try the watermelon feta salad, which wasn’t available when we were there last time: It’s [...]

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As good a sport as meat-eaters can sometimes be about going to vegetarian restaurants, it’s always a different experience going to meat-free spots when you’re with a fellow flexitarian (or vegetarian). They can truly appreciate the taste of tempeh or the savory flavor of soy, and understand what it’s like to be able to have [...]

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July marked my five-year anniversary of my six-month study abroad trip to Melbourne, Australia. The experience was magical, challenging, life-changing, inspiring and crazy fun, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when one of my favorite Aussie friends visited New York City during his two-week American adventure. For dinner, we headed to Jim Lahey’s [...]