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Vegging Out: Oscar


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I like to say I have a love-hate relationship with New York City. I can go on and on about the hates, which include but are not limited to: dirty streets, rats, angry cabbies, a lack of greenery and overpriced everything. But for all those, I also have a bunch of loves, one of which [...]

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I love pizza in all iterations from my old corner joint (East Village Pizza) and the slightly more upscale (Arturo’s or Patsy’s) to D.O.C. style (L’Asso) and the lavash version I made at home. But I had yet to try the Middle Eastern version, cutely terms “pitzas.” So off I went with my friend, Deep, [...]

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The last time I had miniature popsicles was during an epic trip to Paris with two of my girlfriends. It was a “college trip,” but I couldn’t even tell you what those seminars were about…because I was asleep during them. Sorry, Mom and Dad! Anyway, at one of the events, they handed out mini popsicles [...]

Vegging out: Gobo


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I rarely find myself on the Upper East Side, but when my friend and I visited the Met’s bambu exhibit earlier this summer, we needed to find somewhere to eat/kill time before the guided tour started. We settled on Gobo, a vegetarian restaurant with an Asian edge. They’re big on small plates and though I [...]

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It had felt like ages since I had a full weekend in the city — what with my vacation and going home for Mother’s Day — so I spent last weekend soaking up a typical New York weekend. First stop: brunch. (Second stop: street fair. And third stop: shopping.) I headed to the West Village [...]

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From cupcakes to fro-yo to food trucks, New York City is no stranger to food trends and the summer time is a great time for the latest to come center stage. For the summer of 2010, the New York Times says Popsicles will be all the rage. I’m a sucker for the Times Dining section, [...]