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1. Bird Cupcake Ceramic Stand; $38
2. Euroquest Imports Polish Pottery 10″ Rectangular Baking Pan; $34.50
3. Spanish Omelet Apron; $32
4. Washing & Hoping & Dreaming Dish Rack; $43
5. Zoku Quick Pop Maker; $50
6. 20 oz. Le Creuset Mortar & Pestel; $38 each
7. Lacey Tray; $28
8. Queen Catherine de Medicis Box from Macaron Cafe (holds up to 14 macaroons); $43

Stay tuned for the Under $100 guide tomorrow!

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When I’m due for gifts (holidays, birthdays and otherwise), I always find myself dreaming of stand mixers and Anthropologie aprons (and clothes and vacations, too, of course), so this holiday season I’ve put together a gift guide for the foodie in your life organized by price. Today’s curated selection of goods falls under the wallet-friendly price of under $25.

1. Sparrow chip clips, set of 16; $15
2. Polka dot cereal bowl; $11
3. Ice cream cone measuring spoons; $18
4. Coast to Coaster Set in Flowers; $18
5. Italian Glass Bottles; $14 each
6. Castle Key Bottle Opener; $12
7. Baggie Bowl; $21.50 (OK, I know this is so few years ago, but it’s still cute!)
8. Cake Pops how-to guide by Bakerella; $12.78

Stay tuned for the Under $50 guide tomorrow!

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Last year, my friends and I had quite the Thanksgiving bonanza. I personally made two pies—blueberry and pumpkin—from scratch, and the day was stressful…to say the least. This year I wanted to contribute something less time-intensive for my extended family get together, but something that also had a traditional Thanksgiving ring to it since it’d be an Indian menu.

Enter: the beautiful combination of pumpkin and chocolate.

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You’ll have to forgive my abrupt disappearance from this here blog. It wasn’t laziness or lack of good New York food (pfft, never!); it was actually a family trip to Egypt!

A couple of weeks back I left for Cairo and 10 hours later, I landed in the country of pyramids, temples and over-eager bazaar vendors. Of course the sites were amazing, but I wish I had more to say about the food. Being with my parents and on a hardcore tour with most meals included (seriously, I don’t want to see another buffer ever again), it wasn’t so easy to grab a bite at the corner shwarma shop. Not to mention that I wasn’t interested in contracting the dreaded Pharaoh’s Revenge.

My favorite of the two was the beautiful Andrea Restaurant in Cairo. Sure it was touristy, but in a sprawling garden setting, you didn’t really notice. Plus, with food that tasty, who cares?

{Entrance to Andrea}

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{Mexican style corn on the cob}

Since I eat out much less than the average New Yorker, dining out is much more of an event for me. It’s why I takes hours, nay, days to find restaurants and why poring over a menu is no big deal. But you may be surprised to know that as much as eating out is a ceremony of sorts for me, I’m not opposed to eating at the bar sometimes. It’s fun (makes me feel like I’m on Cheers), and most of all, it majroly cuts down the wait time for brunch.

For some places (i.e. Clinton Street Baking Company), you’re better off sitting at the bar, lest you want to wait more than an hour, though I’ve done that multiple times, too. And Cafe Habana, the place most famous for it’s Mexican corn, is one such place.

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